Magna Carta Women, the 4-piece panel which marks 800 years of women & their campaign for rights will be on display at Royal Holloway University. 
Suffrage! Education, activism and votes for women runs on selected days between 15 January - 18 March 2018 & located at the Exhibition Space Davison Building.


Currently working on a moving image responding to an RSA Moving Image brief and audio by Tiffany Dufu. The  author of Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less urges women to embrace imperfections & expect less of themselves. Not Enough Time is communicated through women's magazines & advertisements. 

Hysterical Females film will be screening at scheduled times during the Dame of the Hour exhibition between 5 -22 March 2018 at St James' Wine Vaults, Bath.  It will also be screening on selected times during SheFest between 2 - 15 March at 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield. There will also be a showing on 6th Feb at Royal Holloway University coinciding with their Suffrage! Education, activism and votes for women exhibition.