The secret ball cabinet

This was completed for The New Georgians exhibition at Orleans House Gallery in Richmond in 2014.

A World of Tales

The collection derives from a study of the portrayal of women in fairytales. An Eternal  Dream is based on Sleeping Beauty with the main character asleep in the Garden of Eden. Trapped is from Rapunzel symbolising the young girl as a bird trapped in a cage. Sorrow focuses on The Snow Maiden with the main character enclosed in a snow dome yearning to be with others. The Manacled Mannequins is from the Twelve Dancing Princesses with the daughters trapped as dolls in a never ending wheel. The Secret Ball is based on Cinderella and highlights the silly and outlandish behaviour of the upper class from the Regency era.

The collection will grow over the next few years looking at Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Goldilocks.
Prints of the works are now available on Artfinder and a limited edition of 7.