The World is judging us

My current practice concerns the shift in self-identity in which young adults respond to the demands of seeing and being seen, looking at the value of beauty, self-objectification and self-altering. My research is for a project based in an aesthetic surreal world, in which to be socially accepted women have to adhere to feminine beauty ideals. The project is playful, theatrical and dystopian and explores a female dominated society where there are laws, religion, education and an economy that maintains the perfect beauty equilibrium. 

The project entails a film and immersive digital exhibition with a mix of live action shot against green screen, collage animation, stop motion, archival footage and dialogue, and imagery from contemporary magazines and adverts. The exhibition will also feature digital interfaces in which the audience can participate and make commentary. I will be collaborating with digital artist Will Hurt to explore interfaces in which the audience can become part of the artwork.

 The project aims to challenge our perspectives on physical perfection, encourage us to be kinder to our bodies and question the value we put on beauty.